Mr. Rowles, over at Pajiba, got it partially correct when discussing last night’s Jason Segel-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live. The Muppets were a wonderful addition that overshadowed all the mediocre skits. And the Segel’s impression of Andre the Giant was stellar. But let’s calm down; it never ” looked as though it might go down as one […]



As the trailer for the film adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary makes its way around the internet and into the laps of Gonzo-followers, the premier looms and conjures previous imaginings of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson on the silver screen. Thompson – or more appropriately, his alter-ego Raoul Duke – has been portrayed in two films […]



There is nothing like the future showing up late for a good cause. As per, “The mythical shoe that originally captured the imagination of audiences in Back to the Future II is being released – and they’re here to help create a future without Parkinson’s disease.” Clearly, this is impressive. First, it exemplifies that whole “life […]



Some might suggest that a movie like The Usual Suspects is overrated and garners undue praise because its narrative is predicated on a lie, namely one that Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey) weaves for the duration of the film. Perhaps the critics of this style are correct inasmuch as the final scene really amounts to a stylized “just […]



If you somehow haven’t heard, the 10th anniversary of the September 11 is next Sunday. Already, there have been a ton of great media efforts to commemorate the occasion. Nat Geo, Discovery and MSNBC have done particularly commendable jobs in trying to bring such perspective and hindsight to what Rachel Maddow’s weekly series has called a “Day of […]



About six months ago, my block in Astoria was papered with pink NO PARKING signs vowing to tow anything that disrupted the filming of  a movie. Within the massive trailers, reclusive celebrities hid until it was time for their close-ups, and along the sidewalk, non-celebrities grazed on coffee and donuts, spoke into walkie talkies, and removed wandering […]



This Matrix/Big Lebowski mash-up should win an Oscar. (h/t Steve Barker) Also, on a semi-related note, here’s the very-well-done Arrested Development action movie trailer from a while back that I forgot to post. The best part is obviously the Tobias chair kick at 0:54.



This ’80s bully montage (girl, we want a montage) serves as Exhibit V that no other decade was more cartoonish or disingenuous to reality than the Ronald Reagan era. I’m not trying to be political with that statement. I just needed a synonym for ’80s so I didn’t use it twice in the same sentence. Both videos […]



Here are 160 fantastic reasons why Arnold Schwarzenegger is a master thespian. Say goodbye to the next 10 minutes.



Some group of adults thought it would be a great idea for a bunch of little kids to perform Scarface as a school play. I gotta say … I totally agree. Sure beats the fourth grade play we did about Samuel de Champlain exploring the New World. Yes, that seriously happened. Who exactly is Samuel de Champlain? […]