If 2011 was the year of the sequel, 2012 is set to rival that moniker with additional superhero franchise installments. Most notably is the uber-anticipated Dark Knight Rises, followed at a distance by The Amazing Spiderman and The Avengers. I’m sure Hollywood is also destined to bombard us with a handful of underground super movies that follow […]



So, in yet another film that has been “inspired by a true story” (OED definition: adj. vaguely related to something that happened to someone at some time, somewhere, while pondering something else), Universal Studios is releasing Big Miracle on February 7th. Starring Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski, Big Miracle relays the tale of three whales trapped by […]



2011 came to and end, and now it’s time to recap those things we saw, those things we enjoyed, and those things we abhorred. In the next few weeks, there will plenty of dicussions and conjecture about what will win, who will win what, and who should have been given a chance to win something, but before […]




Great Movie Quotes: The Rock

There are many things I love about The Rock. In fact, there are perhaps no things I don’t love about The Rock. In particular, I love the dialogue. “I cannot give that order.” “I am not going to repeat that order.” “I will not give that order.” “What the hell is wrong with you, man.” (Really, the entire […]




Take 5 – Eddie Murphy Edition

In my other life, when I’m not writing about movies, I write about basketball. And one column I have contributed to frequently is an ESPN gimmick called “5 on 5” in which they ask five so-called NBA experts their opinions on five different questions. It is fun to write for and, apparently, fun to read because the […]



Some might suggest that a movie like The Usual Suspects is overrated and garners undue praise because its narrative is predicated on a lie, namely one that Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey) weaves for the duration of the film. Perhaps the critics of this style are correct inasmuch as the final scene really amounts to a stylized “just […]



Filmmakers are immune to the adage that those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it. Therefore, this is happening: Universal hasn’t given up The Wolfman and intends to reboot the series and create a film, tentatively titled “Werewolf,” that has more in common with George Waggner’s original 1941 film The Wolf Man than the character’s most recent iteration. There […]



As I gather my Bible, Torah, Koran, copy of Watchmen, and print of Dali’s “St. John on the Cross,” I ready myself for the inevitable uber-undulating of the Earth that will occur around 6pm EST. As I’m preparing to barricade myself in an Astoria apartment with silver bullets, whittled crosses of what used to be a dining […]



In the last four weeks, Hop has split the top box office spot with the also animated, three-lettered Rio and the alliterative Fast Five, grossing 105 million dollars in the United States and over 160 million dollars worldwide. Initially, my concern over this movie revolved around the notion that Easter bunnies were able to defecate jelly beans, […]



Two months ago, the Liberian Girl and I were lying in bed trying to fall asleep. The TV, which was trying to watch us, spit out a 60-second spot for a movie called Hanna. After the ad concluded, I mumbled something to the effect of: “I may be half sleep, but I’m pretty sure I just saw […]