To be perfectly frank, this is some of the realest shit I ever wrote.



Image via We wanted to see all three. Last week, the Liberian Girl found an ad. It said the AMC in Georgetown was showing the first two Dark Knight movies this Thursday. And then the third one at midnight. I went to buy trilogy tickets. They were sold out. A week before the show. But they […]



Two months ago, the Liberian Girl and I were lying in bed trying to fall asleep. The TV, which was trying to watch us, spit out a 60-second spot for a movie called Hanna. After the ad concluded, I mumbled something to the effect of: “I may be half sleep, but I’m pretty sure I just saw […]




Date Night – Blue Valentine*

The Liberian Girl and I were running 20 minutes late for a late Sunday Brunch on U Street with our favorite lesbians. After the light at 12th Street turned green, I whipped into a parking spot. We tumbled out of the car and stumbled into Creme. Our favorite bartender had already poured our drinks. The brunch was […]



When you go to the Fairy Tale Store, there’s no aisle you can walk down to assemble the ingredients for a scenario where Party A lives in New York, Party B lives in San Francisco and the two parties live happily ever after…in their long distance relationship. That’s not a situation little girls dream of. And it’s […]



“I remember so many beginnings, but I don’t know which one goes with this story.” — Benjamin Esposito, El secreto de sus ojos Unlike the lead character in the film the Liberian Girl and I saw on Sunday night, I do know which beginning goes with this story. It occurred last Friday and the scene starred familiar castmates scotch and Mr. […]




Date Night: Chloe

The Liberian Girl got a day off work this weekend and she wanted to go to the movies. I suggested a Korean film or an Irish film or a bottle of rum and Hot Tub Time Machine. She suggested Chloe. Guess which movie we bought tickets for on Saturday? Neither of us knew much about Chloe. Based […]




Date Night: Alice in Wonderland

Every good date night should end with a “date morning.” If the person you’re dating works nights at a bar (like the Liberian Girl does) then the morning could also double as a time to have a legitimate date. With meals, movies, snowball fights in DuPont Circle and those sorts of things. On a Saturday morning after […]




Date Night: Avatar

[Editor’s Note: Please welcome Tim Adkins to the Gladiator Movies team. You will hopefully be seeing more from him around these parts going forward and can catch more of his writing over at Backwards from 30.] On Monday, an hour after word first began circulating that Kobe Bryant may end his two-week injury-cation from the Los Angeles […]