Ryan Coogler can make people cry. And that’s a very good thing.




There are absolutely no spoilers here. Not even any foreshadowing.




When the Lil Homie & I saw the new Fast & Furious, he drove away from the movie theatre feeling inspired. Too inspired.




The first rule of Shin Bet is: You do not talk about Shin Bet. Put another way: Five former chiefs of the secretive Israeli agency reflect on the power they wielded.




When The Big Homie called about something completely unrelated to Harmony Korine’s new film, he reduced Spring Breakers to an infamous line from a Zeppelin song.



Jennifer Lawrence

It doesn’t matter how a film gets made or what its intentions are, it’s still a business. The Spirit Awards haven’t gone too far to see that.



Ginger Baker's Air Force

A new documentary about Ginger Baker reveals him as a genius and the opposite of a gentleman. Probably not a combo Andre 3000 would aspire to.




Just in case you haven’t read enough critiques of Tarantino’s seventh film. Here’s one more.




This public service announcement regarding Denzel Washington’s Oscar chances is safe for work.



Running Joe_ Mark Goerner 2

How did the way the future looks in Looper come to be? We talk with the production designer who helped shape it.